April Peercy

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is April Peercy, and I am the mother of a two-and-half year old girl named Braelyn. Braelyn was born with several genetic anomalies, but there has been no genetic syndrome pinpointed for her.

In February 2009 we moved to Tennessee from Indiana. Braelyn was in the First Steps Early Intervention System in Indiana, and we quickly got into the Tennessee Early Intervention System when we moved to Tennessee. The early interventionist who saw Braelyn mentioned the Birth to Three program, and I thought that was exactly what Braelyn needed to have the interaction with other children her age.

In August 2009, we met Miss Christie Bales, and she was an angel sent from above. Christie, being the mother of a child with Cerebral Palsy knew what I was going through with Braelyn and treated Braelyn as if she were her own child. Christie and the other teachers at Birth to Three have hearts of gold and are some of the most compassionate people I have met. Every child is treated as if they are their own child, and these teachers show so much love to the children they work with on a daily basis.

In August 2010 I had to make a very tough decision to move back to Indiana to be close with family and to take my job back. The hardest part of making this decision was pulling Braelyn from the Birth to Three program away from her teachers and friends she had made at school. There is no program for infants to age three here in Indiana which breaks my heart because that is a crucial time for children to have interaction with other children. I noticed such a difference in Braelyn after attending Birth to Three as she interacted with other people.

In closing, I believe the Birth to Three program and staff are absolutely phenomenal. If I were still living in Tennessee, I know that Braelyn would be in the Birth to Three program, and it breaks my heart there is no program in Indiana similar to Birth to Three. The staff and Birth to Three program are greatly missed by both Braelyn and myself.

Sincerely, April Peercy Birth_to_Three_Letters_pdf__page_2_of_28_