• Shannon Butterworth

    We have been blessed in amazing ways with the “Birth to Three” program. The attention to detail that each teacher gives to each child is at an expert level rarely seen. We never knew just how important such a program would be; until adopted daughter Grace joined our family in July 2008, when she was 11months old. She had spent her first 11months of life in an orphanage in Mainland ... Read more

  • Buffy Kirkland

    Brayden was born in September of 2008. It was a fairly easy pregnancy. Labor and delivery, although long, went well. The doctor handed me a chubby cheek, blond hair, blue eyed, baby boy. I fell in love in an instant.

    He developed normally. He hit all his milestones a little before or right on time. He smiled at one month, held his head up around four months, crawled around seven months, ... Read more

  • April Peercy

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is April Peercy, and I am the mother of a two-and-half year old girl named Braelyn. Braelyn was born with several genetic anomalies, but there has been no genetic syndrome pinpointed for her.

    In February 2009 we moved to Tennessee from Indiana. Braelyn was in the First Steps Early Intervention System in Indiana, and we quickly got into the Tennessee Early ... Read more

  • Sarah Johnson

    My name is Sarah Johnson and my family has been touched by the LTVEC Birth to Three program in so many ways. Our daughter, Chloe was born with a rare duplication of part of her 15 Chromosome. Unfortunately, we did not move back to the Maryville area until she was 3 so she did not get to participate in this wonderful program. However, we were ... Read more